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Agricultural chains

System developed to facilitate the exchange of information from different sources on agricultural chains and their management. It allows finding in a single place all the information relevant for the analysis and improvement of agricultural chains in general, as well as for some selected chains such as cocoa, coffee, cashew, horticulture, small ruminants and tropical fruits.

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Be part of the community!

The objective of, is to serve as a repository of relevant information in different technical areas. Learn how to share information in the site and collaborate.


How to share information?

In order to share information within the system, you must create a profile and register as a user in at least one of the sub-systems of interest.

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Progress in priority chains

Access through this interactive map the progress made by IICA's Flagship Project on Agricultural Chains in each of the priority chains

Supply Chain Climate Risk Assessment Tool

From large multinational corporations to small and medium enterprises, economic entities are connected to each other via supply chains, which create links between people, activities, information, and resources to produce and distribute a specific product or service.< View document

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Description Get to know the project

Competitiveness and sustainability of agricultural chains for food security and economic development