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About Bioeconomy

The Bioeconomy and Production Development Infoagro platform is an initiative driven by IICA. It seeks to provide decision makers, government officials, business people, representatives of the academic sector, researchers and students with access to specialized knowledge to facilitate, on the one hand, the drafting of policy instruments that foster greater capitalization on the bioeconomy, and, on the other hand, the development of projects and new undertakings in this field.

The information available on the platform comes from various sources and has been selected and classified under the following categories and descriptors:

a) policies and strategies: policies, regulatory frameworks, programs and projects.

b) pathways to capitalize on the bioeconomy: biodiversity, bioproducts, biomaterials, bioenergy, biotechnology, use of waste, environmental services and eco-intensification.

c) disruptive technologies: fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers, grains, legumes, seeds, oilseeds, mariculture, livestock farming, aquaculture, poultry farming, forest resources and microorganisms.

We encourage you to contribute any information or to share any proposals on the creation of new information modules.


Hugo Chavarría

Manager of the Bioeconomy and Production Development Hemispheric Program

Gabriela Quiroga Gilardoni

International Specialist in Family Agriculture Innovation

Marvin Blanco M.

Specialist in Agribusiness and Value Added