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By: Alice Ludvig, Ivana Zivojinovic, and Teppo Hujala

Very recently, social innovation has become a subject of investigation in forest research.

By: Viktória Vásáry - Economic and Environmental Studies

The European Union’s agriculture, aquaculture, forestry and food industry see significant internal disparities in terms of research and innovation performance to the disadvantage of the CEE countries.

By: Steliana Rodino, Marian Butu2, Raluca Ion

The waste management strategies released and applied in EU countries endeavor to achieve the improvement of natural resources use and efficiency towards reducing the air, water and soil pollution due to improper waste disposal or treatment.

By: Martin Borowiecki; James Philp - OECD

This document presents twelve policy initiatives supporting health and the bioeconomy from different OECD countries.

By: José G. Vargas-Hernande; Marlene de Jesús Morales Medrano

The purpose of this document is to analyze the Circular Economy (CE) model from the point of view  of  the  resources  and  capacities  of  the  organization.

By: Dimitris Diakosavvas & Clara Frezal - OECD

The bio-economy is gaining increasing prominence in the policy debate, with several countries developing bio-economy strategies to decouple economic growth from dependence on fossil fuel, as well a pathway to supporting some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and commitments under the