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By: Alice Ludvig, Ivana Zivojinovic, and Teppo Hujala

Very recently, social innovation has become a subject of investigation in forest research.

By: Per Gegga; Victoria Wells - Elsevier

Macroalgae (seaweed)-derived fuels are gaining increasing attention due to the high rate of seaweed growth, its lack of lignocellulose (which makes for energy-efficient processing), its lack of need for land or freshwater, and its potential suitability for commercial applications in the UK.

By: To‑Hung Tsui, Jonathan W. C. Wong - Springer

Municipal solid waste (MSW) management has emerged as probably the most pressing issue many governments nowadays are facing.

By: Rigoberto Ariel Yépez-García, Yi Ji, Michelle Hallack, David López Soto - BID

With rapid energy growth in the past 40 years, the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region has maintained a steady increase in electricity needs above the global level.

By: Müller, A., Weigelt, J., Götz, A., Schmidt, O., Lobos Alva, I., Matuschke, I., Ehling, U., Beringer, T.

This report, which specifically highlights the crosscutting, yet overlooked, role of different types of biomass in the proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), includes chapters on: projected land demand for food, feed, biomaterials and bioenergy production and consumption, as implied

By: Yixuan Gao

In this thesis, we construct an integrated bioeconomic model, including a cellular automata model, a coffee yield model, and an economic model, to incorporate the ecosystem services and risk preferences into a farmer’s decision-making and find the optimal amount of shade on a coffee farm for risk