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Synthesis of the foresight study: The Southern Cone in face of a crucial instance of global technological development


Under the scope of the strategic line 'Institutional Management', of the Cooperative Program for the Technological and Agroalimentary Development of the Southern Cone (PROCISUR), it was proposed to carry out a regional foresight study of the agricultural, agro-food and agroindustrial sector with a focus on science, technology and innovation, which was approved by the Board of Directors of this Program.
The study was made under the modality of learning-doing, where the teams of the Foresight and Public Policy Institute, of the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA Argentina), and Agropensa, of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Company (EMBRAPA), designed the exercise and the instruments to train selected professionals from the National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARIs) of the Southern Cone, in order to start building a network of foresight and strategic intelligence within the scope of PROCISUR. The main objectives of this proposal were:
• The development and strengthening of the necessary competencies and capacities to incorporate the dimension of the future in the planning and management of the scientific-technological policy of the region.
• Sensitize the decision makers and internal and external stakeholders of the NARIs and PROCISUR during the training.
• Provide inputs for the preparation of a new Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2019-2022 for PROCISUR

Document author: Diego Gauna, Sebastián Oviedo, Silvia Kanadani Campo, Marcos Antônio Gomes Pena Jr., Alejandra Vial, Javier Szostak
Institution: PROCISUR
IISBN/ISSN: 978-92-9248-851-2
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