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Trends in biotechnology applied to agriculture. The gene editing revolution by CRISPR / Cas


"Perhaps something that characterizes modern and highly qualified agriculture is the use of highly developed varieties with specific characteristics related to a series of characters of interest. These characters of interest, depending on who is asked, may be different, and not they are always what they seem. In this first chapter of three, we are going to review the concepts of agronomic character, and especially how they have improved over the past eight or nine thousand years. "

These initial paragraphs give way to the analysis carried out by the authors and which goes through the "Pregenetic Era", the emergence of Genetics, and how the Genetic Engineering and the CRISPR system, recently developed, which allows changes to be made point on chromosomes.

Document author: Semih Arbatli, Julia Weiss y Marcos Egea Gutiérrez-Cortines.
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