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By: Chirinda, Ngonidzashe Arenas, Laura Katto, María Cristina Loaiza, Sandra Correa, Fernando Isthitani, Manabu Loboguerrero, Ana Maria Martinez Baron, Deissy Graterol, Eduardo Jaramillo, Santiago Torres, Carlos Felipe Arango, Miguel Guzman, Myriam Avila, Iva - Sustainability

The burgeoning demand for rice in Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) exceeds supply, resulting in a rice deficit. To overcome this challenge, rice production should be increased, albeit sustainably.

By: Dhanush Dinesh, Robert Zougmore, Joost Vervoort, Edmond Totin, Philip K. Thornton, Dawit Solomon, Paresh Shirsath, Valerien Pede, Isabel Lopez Noriega, Peter Läderach, Jana Körner, Dries Hegger, Evan Girvetz, Anette Friis, Peter Driessen, Bruce Campbell

Climate change impacts on agriculture have become evident, and threaten the achievement of global food security. On the other hand, the agricultural sector itself is a cause of climate change, and if actions are not taken, the sector might impede the achievement of global climate goals.


This booklet presents a summary of the contents of the second edition of the Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook.

By: Tara Garnett, Cécile Godde, Adrian Muller, Elin Röös, Pete Smith, Imke de Boer, Erasmus zu Ermgassen, Mario Herrero, Corina van Middelaar, Christian Schader, Hannah van Zanten

This document discusses the debate on cattle, grazing systems, methane, nitrous oxide, the soil carbon sequestration question – and what it all means for greenhouse gas emissions 

By: Peter Laban, Graciela Metternicht, y Jonathan Davies - UICN

Soil biodiversity and soil organic carbon are vital to the way ecosystems function and they largely determine the role of land in producing food, storing water, and mitigating climate change.

By: Diddier Moreira

This manual provides guidelines for establishing the rice parcels using the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) methodology.