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El IRTA evalúa las incidencias en la campaña de la fruta en la XV jornada de poscosecha, que reunió en Lleida un centenar de empresas del sector.
WUR Wageningen

Wageningen University & Research is developing a comprehensive research programme with the aim of cutting greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and land use in the Netherlands. Wageningen researchers are looking into zero-emission greenhouses and clever ways of shaping livestock farming, land use and forest and nature management.

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INTA Costa Rica

Within the framework of the project "Capacity building of technicians and producers of the Central Region in the implementation of a practical tool for agroecological zoning  and scenarios for adaptation to climate change" INTA carries out this project in collaboration with Extension services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) of four local governments&n

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The Dominican Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Research (Idiaf) presented to dozens of agricultural producers and technicians on edible bean legumes and pigeon pea, two projects sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (Mescyt), to develop agricultural production technologies in the San Juan Valley to manage the effects of climate change on agricultural produc

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00 million people could be affected as climate change decreases the levels of several nutrients in rice, according to a new paper. The paper estimated changes in rice nutrient content using experiments where rice (of several different cultivars) was grown under conditions of enriched CO2.

Inter Press Service News Agency

Organic production, diversified and integrated with the efficient utilisation of water, turned this small farm into a showcase for how to coexist with the semi-arid climate in Brazil’s Northeast.