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FAO and the world's leading climate-change authority signed an agreement allowing both institutions to better serve countries around the world to adapt to and mitigate the impact of warmer global temperatures and meet their pledges to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
Noticias ONU


António Guterres together with the heads of all agencies and divisions of the UN have made a joint call to the States so that when they go to the Climate Summit, to be held in September in New York, they do so with concrete strategies on how to mitigate the effects of climate change, how to finance the fight against this phenomenon and how best to adapt to it. 

WUR Wageningen

Wageningen University & Research is developing a comprehensive research programme with the aim of cutting greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and land use in the Netherlands. Wageningen researchers are looking into zero-emission greenhouses and clever ways of shaping livestock farming, land use and forest and nature management.

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Although Ecuador's GHG emissions are minimal, it has felt the impacts of climate change. From the government, different actions and strategies have been taken to face the effects of climate change.

El estudio realizado por el Proyecto Global Network revela que las emisiones del ganado lechero se pueden predecir con fórmulas simples si se conocen la cantidad de alimento del animal y su contenido de energía o fibra.
Los tomadores de decisiones de Mesoamérica carecen de suficiente información científica para incorporarla en sus programas de mitigación contra los efectos del cambio climático, especialmente para ayudar a pequeños agricultores.

This content is originally from Infotec