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St. Lucia Times
The Government of Saint Lucia is hosting a series of consultations and focus group sessions toward taking action to address climate change, specifically in the water and agriculture sectors.

The Dominican Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Research (Idiaf) presented to dozens of agricultural producers and technicians on edible bean legumes and pigeon pea, two projects sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (Mescyt), to develop agricultural production technologies in the San Juan Valley to manage the effects of climate change on agricultural produc

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Inter Press Service News Agency

Organic production, diversified and integrated with the efficient utilisation of water, turned this small farm into a showcase for how to coexist with the semi-arid climate in Brazil’s Northeast.

The Gleaner

5,000 smallholder farmers in the parishes of Portland, St Thomas and St Mary are slated to benefit from specialised training to increase their capacity to implement climate smart agricultural practices.

Jamaica Information Service

Jamaican Government is in the process of developing a crop loss and farm insurance programme

Eje 21

In the framework of the National Plan of Adaptation to Climate Change, the Adaptation to Climate Change Dialogues were held in Caldas, which aim to identify opportunities and articulate the actions of the agricultural sector.