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January2909:30 AM

Sustainable Food Systems: How Better Natural Resources Management Leads to Better Food Security

Virtual United States

Increases in population and wealth are leading to ever-growing demands for food, while increasing urbanization is leading to proportionally fewer people producing food. The next few decades will require sound policy and careful management of resources in order to simultaneously provide 50 percent more food, 50 percent more energy and 30 percent more fresh water, without further degrading the natural resource base upon which our food security largely depends.  

This webinar will highlight emerging evidence and provide examples from the field on improved and more sustainable program design across the entire food system, from production to consumption. We will explore the emerging evidence and the value added of adopting a sustainable food system approach that delivers food security and nutrition in such a way that enhances and restores natural resources and sustains rural and urban livelihoods while providing access to nutrition foods for future generations that is not compromised.

Agrilinks, KDLT and USAID Bureau for Food Security
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