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About Gender and Youth

Despite their importance to agriculture and development processes, women and young people in rural areas, lag behind in different areas (education and training; access to production, technological and financial resources, among others), preventing them from realizing their goals and dreams. Moreover, their soft and technical skills must be strengthened, and conditions created to enable them to empower themselves, to connect with other actors, and to be allowed equal participation in production, value chains, as well as in all processes of rural development.

This platform seeks to turn the spotlight on this situation, providing information and tools that will be useful not only to women and young people, but to individuals working to support them or making decisions that affect them, and in so doing to improve their standard of living, respond to their needs, connect them to other partners, and share various experiences and good practices that may serve as an example, for their greater inclusion and empowerment.


Johana Rodríguez C.