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About health and safety


The Agricultural Health and Food Safety (AHFS) Program seeks to promote and support a productive, profitable, and competitive public and private agricultural sector in order to provide safe food to local, regional, and global markets through the application of suitable sanitary and phytosanitary measures.

Main objective

The objective of AHFS is providing our users updated information on a variety of topics such as sanitary measures, food safety, emerging issues, emergencies, and the modernization of the public sector, among other areas.

Specific objectives

  • To support countries create public-private analysis and coordination groups at the national level;
  • To develop prospective analysis capacities for decision-making on emerging issues, in accordance with the recommendations provided by standard-setting entities such as the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the Codex Alimentarius, and the International Plan Protection Convention (IPPC);
  • To coordinate efforts with other technical cooperation organizations in areas related to health, plant protection, and food safety.


Ericka Calderón Suárez

Agricultural Health and Food Safety Specialist