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By: Hugo CamposOscar Ortiz

This book provides a fresh, updated and science-based perspective on the current status and prospects of the diverse array of topics related to the potato, and was written by distinguished scientists with hands-on global experience in research aspects related to potato.

By: Ann Waters-Bayer, BrigidLetty, CheshaWettasinha, Georges Djohy and Joseph Nchor

An important role of the Prolinnova network is facilitation of joint learning through analysis and documentation of the experiences made, thereby identifying good practice but also recognising weaknesses and room for improvement.

By: Carlos Navarro-Racines, Jaime Tarapues, Philip Thornton, Andy Jarvis & Julian Ramirez-Villegas

Projections of climate change are available at coarse scales (70–400 km). But agricultural and species models typically require finer scale climate data to model climate change impacts.

By: Sustainable Agriculture Network

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN)  is committed to adding voices and forces to implement collaborative solutions that accelerate the transformation that agriculture needs to be a driver of positive change in the world.

By: Francisca López‑Granados, Jorge Torres‑Sánchez, Francisco M. Jiménez‑Brenes, Octavio Arquero, María Lovera and Ana I. de Castro

Almond is an emerging crop due to the health benefits of almond consumption including nutritional, anti-inflammatory, and hypocholesterolaemia properties. Traditional almond producers were concentrated in California, Australia, and Mediterranean countries.