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By: M. Mera (INIA Chile) – E. Villacrés (INIAP Ecuador) – P. Mamani (PROIMPA Bolivia) – J. Campero (INIAF Bolivia) – V. Mares – N. Mateo

The roadmap, designed in a participatory manner by specialists from INIAF-Bolivia, PROINPA-Bolivia, INIA-Chile, INIAP-Ecuador and two consultants appointed by the STA of FONTAGRO, is based on the results of a collaborative project executed by PROINPA, INIA and INIAP and funded by FMAM through FON

By: Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Nearly 1 billion of the world’s 1.2 billion youth aged 15-24 reside in developing countries. Their numbers are growing far more rapidly in lower income countries than in higher income countries, particularly in rural areas.


The key findings in this summary of CAPI’s Calgary and Guelph dialogues on “Optimizing Land Use for Sustainable Growth”, held in February and April 2019, were that agriculture can be a solution provider for climate change and for sustainability.

By: Daniel Jiménez, Sylvain Delerce, Hugo Dorado, James Cock, Luis Armando Muñoz, Alejandro Agamez, Andy Jarvis

The Colombian Ministry of Agriculture Colombia, an international research center and a national farmers’ organization developed a data-driven agricultural program that: (i) compiles information from multiple sources; (ii) interprets that data; and (iii) presents the knowledge to farmers through t

By: Jennifer Kearl, Caitlyn McNary, J. Scott Lowman, Chuansheng Mei, Zachary T. Aanderud, Steven T. Smith, Jason West, Emily Colton, Michelle Hamson and Brent L. Nielsen

Halophytes are plants that are adapted to grow in saline soils, and have been widely studied for their physiological and molecular characteristics, but little is known about their associated microbiomes.

By: FORAGRO Executive Secretariat

Technical brief prepared as an input for the virtual consultation convened by FORAGRO to analyze the priorities that must be incorporated into the hemispheric RDI agenda with the objective of achieving an inclusive and equitable use of digital agriculture, that leaves no one behind.