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By: Russo, Elsa Susana - INTA - Instituto de Suelos - Centro de Investigación de Recursos Naturales

This work aims to promote and enhance the use of technological innovation tools to apply to sustainable agroecosystems that will reflect well-being in the educational-cultural-social, economic and environmental axes at the territorial and community level.

By: Riveros Serrato, Hernando; Villalobos Cavazos, Oswaldo - IICA

This publication aims to be a reference guide for the design, execution and monitoring of processes for identifying opportunities and / or strengthening of emerging ventures of young people, mainly rural or urban.

This content is originally from Gender and Youth

By: Roux N., Navarrete Frías C. & Cuellar W.J

This document seeks to share some global and regional experiences in the management of pests and musáceas diseases, which contribute to the elaboration of a work route to be validated and implemented through the Network of Latin American INIAs in Latin America5 in close collaboration with others


The importance of innovation and technology (I&T) is explicitly reflected in the 2018-2022 Medium Term Plan (MTP) of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), which incorporates this area as one of the two cross-cutting issues for action in the context of the five he

By: Cathles, Alison; Navarro, Juan Carlos

Current technological trends are reshaping the educational services toward the delivery of an improved blend of vocational training and general education--deemed essential for continuous upskilling--in digital economies.


The application of digital technologies in agriculture with the aim of improving efficiency, productivity and resilience to climate change is growing exponentially in the world and in our region.