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Hydroponic green forage - INTA Guide

Guide to produce animal feed in 12-20 days, any place and time of year. The Hydroponic Green Forage (FVH) is a system of production of vegetable biomass of high health and nutritional quality for animals, which is carried out very quickly, at any time of the year, climatic condition and geographical location. It is a method without soil that can produce, from the germination of cereal seeds (barley, wheat, corn, oats, sorghum), a forage mass of high nutritional value that can be consumed 100% and has a good digestability. This technology is ideal for small livestock producers, since it lowers the feeding costs of the animal, especially that which uses the concentrate as a fundamental input. The guide shows the necessary materials, the production process step by step, the yields that can be obtained and the recommended rations for the different animals.