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New tool launched to help measure digital innovation impacts across food systems

From seeds to field, and market to plate, digital interventions are transforming agriculture and global food systems.
In Southeast Asia, millions of farmers are making use of an app that employs algorithms to identify plant diseases in photos snapped and uploaded by farmers in their fields. Tea farms in Turkey have optimized fertilizer use thanks to a mobile auditing application, and a local Chinese government is protecting valuable farmland from illegal construction through high-resolution satellite imagery.

At every point along the food system continuum, digital innovations are changing the way we engage with agricultural processes, yet little is known about their comprehensive, verified impacts on various stakeholders.

To close this knowledge gap, the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture has launched the Evidence Clearing House—an online tool that consolidates impact evidence from digital food system interventions around the world and allows users to monitor trends in the digital innovation sphere. It builds on an effort first developed under the USAID initiative ‘Digital Development for Feed the Future’.