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AgTech companies seek to revolutionize livestock production

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The AgTech, technology-based companies that in recent years strengthened precision agriculture through the use of sensors, robotics and artificial intelligence, among other tools, seek to impact livestock production. Some still in development and others already in commercial phase, they promise disruptive changes for farm management.

An example is CControl.Ar, an automatic monitoring system for the body condition of cows developed by UniAgro, a company operating in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the National University of the Center of Buenos Aires (UNICEN) .The application just won the first prize in the “AgTech Livestock” contest of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA), in the validated Prototyping category. The company was formed with the idea of developing solutions for agricultural firms and in turn generate royalties for the university. The first step was the creation of simulators for the formulation of diets and for general management of cattle raising establishments. Therefore, Baqueano emerged, a software that in 2017 was presented among the 18 innovations of the CREA Tech Congress.

Another of the initiatives recognized by the SRA was the Digirodeo application, which won first prize in the Entrepreneurship in progress category. It is a system that allows to keep the health traceability of the establishment and generate a certification. In the application, the treatments carried out with data on date, time, GPS coordinates, climatic conditions of that moment, quantity and categories of animals, responsible technician and registration of products used with photography, serial numbers and expiration date are established. In addition, it can be combined with an intelligent syringe-gun. In this case, the information of the animals is collected directly by the gun and sent via bluetooth to the cell phone, avoiding charging errors.