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App Plantix provides advice to small farmers and democratizes knowledge

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An innovative mobile application is helping to democratize knowledge and revolutionize agriculture for small producers, providing them with crucial information that was previously unavailable.

Plantix is ​​a German mobile application for crop advice, essentially a mobile doctor, for farmers, extension workers and gardeners. It uses image recognition with AI to diagnose plant diseases, pest damage and nutrient deficiencies that affect crops and offers the corresponding treatment measures.

Launched in 2015, the application now has about one million active users worldwide. Those who also use the application as a platform to offer quick advice to other farmers, regardless of their location through a question and answer section, helping each other to produce a good crop and protect their livelihoods.

The team behind the application is working to constantly increase the amount of crops and problems that the application can address. Now they are working to attract users from more countries. They are also evaluating what new services can be offered from the large amount of data that the application collects.