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Innovation in crop protection with natural proteins as "vaccine"

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Last Tuesday, June 4, at the Costa Galana Hotel in the city of Mar del Plata (Argentina), took place the presentation of Howler, a biological product that activates the plant defense system with ISDV Technology. From Summit Agro they argued that it is the only product available that uses natural proteins as vaccination for crops. The event was attended by more than 200 producers, advisors and industry leaders.

A group of Conicet scientists, with the Experimental Station of Colombres de Tucumán and the University of Tucumán, discovered a new natural protein extracted from a fungal pathogen of strawberry (called Acremonium Strictum SS71) that activates and increases the defenses in the plants, improving their level of protection against different types of biotic and abiotic stresses. It doesn't contain live microorganisms since the main active ingredient is an extracellular protein.

Howler is considered a bio-inducer, bio-activator of the plant's natural defenses, a vegetable "vaccine" that activates innate immunity through a series of signaling pathways of biochemical responses. "We are very happy with this new technological development, which will allow us to improve the response to yield, improve the health of the crops and quality of production, marking a before and after in the production of soybeans, wheat and barley," he said. Carolina Martino Product Manager of Herbicides & Howler.

As to its mode of action, Howler produces the activation of the hormonal signaling pathways of the defenses mediated by salicylic acid, jasmonic acid and ethylene. When Howler is applied, the plant recognizes the protein AsES (Acremonium Strictum Elicitor subtilisin) component of the formulation and activates a series of chemical reactions at the application site, then systemically transmitted inside the plant, inducing it to express their maximum defense potential.

Its use is recommended in for soybean and wheat / barley, with a foliar application in R1-R5 and Z3.7 and Z3.9 respectively, with a dose of 2 lt / ha. Howler is compatible with most of the fungicides, insecticides, adjuvants and fertilizers that are applied in these crops. "The best scenario for this product is when the rusts or spots do not affect strongly and there is no great rainfall. With a very low investment per hectare can be gained from 300 to 350 kg/ha in soy, a very interesting profitability, "says Jorge González Montaner.

Source: Sembrando noticias
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