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Latin America gathers only 0.53% of the most influential scientists in the world


By: Sofia Moutinho

In the universe of the 6,000 scientists whose works have been most cited, only 0.53 percent (32) are Latin American, according to the ranking published by Clarivate Analytics built from data from more than 33,000 journals between 2006 and 2016 and in 21 fields of the natural and social sciences. In the fifth edition of this list, researchers with high citation rates represent some 60 countries, but more than 80 percent of them come from only 10 countries, and 70 percent are concentrated in five: USA, United Kingdom, China, Germany and Australia. In this top 5, the USA is located with 43 percent of the total, unattainable and followed by the United Kingdom with 9 percent (546 scientists), and China, with 8 percent (482).

Among the 32 Latin American scientists included, Brazil ranks first with 15 representatives, followed by Mexico (8), Argentina (3), Chile (3), Colombia (2) and Panama (1). In regional terms, Latin America is underrepresented, but it has twice as many scientists as those from African countries (0.2 percent). There are only 13 scientists from that region: South Africa (9), Egypt (2), Kenya and Nigeria (1 each).