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CIRAD and CATIE: more than 30 years of cooperation in Central America focusing on the future of rural populations

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For more than 30 years, CIRAD and CATIE have been contributing through their joint projects to improving the quality of life of rural populations in Central America. A partnership based on issues that have become critical for the region – climate change, natural resource management, development linked to cocoa- and coffee-based farming systems. The two institutions have renewed their partnership for ten years within the Mesoamerican Scientific Platform for Agroforestry and are pursuing a number of other projects .

CATIE, a research centre dedicated to tropical agriculture in Costa Rica, has for many years drawn on CIRAD’s expertise to achieve its objectives. Research focuses on several key issues for the region, such as coffee, cocoa and agroforestry.

"The scientific research that we have developed with CIRAD has helped to improve the quality of life of rural populations" , says CATIE Director General Muhammad Ibrahim. "We hope to continue to strengthen this collaboration in order to contribute to delivering solutions to meet the needs of the region ."

CATIE took part in the development of new F1 hybrid coffee varieties, which have proven to be more productive and more disease-tolerant. It was particularly involved in the somatic embryogenesis technique for their propagation. This research, conducted since the 1990s, has established the scientific basis for developing new varieties that can be sold on a large scale.