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Tecnologías y Cambio Climático

Uso de algas para la captura de carbono en el sistema ecológico del suelo para el cultivo del arroz

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Objetivo general: Mitigación de gases de efecto invernadero

These field experiments study the algal succession in rice soil besides quantifying the biomass generation potential of different Cyanobacterial species, namely Nostoc, Anabaena, Westiellopsis and Plectonema, isolated from Cauvery basin as a part of the ClimaRice project during the summer season 2010. Higher Nostoc abundance coincided with lower of other two genera.

Lograr más con menos agua: Riego alterno húmedo y seco como una alternativa a las prácticas convencionales de manejo del agua en el Cultivo de Arroz

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Alternate Wet and Dry Irrigation (AWDI) is a water management system where rice fields are not kept continuously submerged but are allowed to dry intermittently during the rice growing stage.

Recolección de agua de lluvia a través del sistema Teras

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Objetivo general: Adaptación al cambio climático

Bunds are small stone or earthen walls, usually constructed along the contour. Bunds act as an obstruction to overland water flow on hill slopes. The bund reduces flow velocity and water percolates behind it, increasing soil moisture and recharging the groundwater.