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The Circular Economy: Analysis Based on The Theory of Resources and Capabilities


The purpose of this document is to analyze the Circular Economy (CE) model from the point of view  of  the  resources  and  capacities  of  the  organization.  How  is  the  application  of  the  Circular Economy model related to Strategic Management? At first glance, it seems that the CE is operating within an operational level with a social impact, but it also has implications that allow us to think that  it  can  be  used  as  an  internal  resource  of  the  company  that,  if  applied  in  the  right  way,  can become a competitive advantage, in other words, the application of the CE is related to Strategic Managementthrough the point of view based on resources and capabilities. Therefore, the present investigation  has  a  descriptive-correlational  nature,  which  was  analyzed  through  Peng's  VRIO framework.

Document author: José G. Vargas-Hernande; Marlene de Jesús Morales Medrano
Institution: Revista Gestão & Sustentabilidade
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