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Contributing to sustainable agricultural development and rural well-being

InfoAgro is an information and knowledge management platform directed towards those interested in agricultural development in the Americas. The objective of the platform is to disseminate and facilitate access to agricultural information from diverse sources. The platform, which houses six thematic sub-systems, is managed by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture.

Subsystems Infoagro

Integrated, consumer-oriented business system that provides information and training tools on primary production; processing and transformation; activities related to storage, distribution and marketing; and the public and private services needed to enable businesses in the sector to operate in a competitive manner.

System developed to facilitate the exchange of information from different sources on agricultural chains and their management.

Virtual platform for the management of knowledge related to policies, technologies and experiences for capitalizing on the bioeconomy in agricultural production and in rural areas of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Knowledge management platform containing information about natural resources and climate change in the agriculture sector. Within this site, we have compiled and organized information from different sources on the technical, political, and scientific aspects of the sustainable management of production systems in a changing climate.

An information, experience-sharing and good practices platform, addressing issues such as the strengthening of equity, empowerment, and inclusion, particularly of women and young people in agriculture and rural development.

The objective of AHFS is providing our users updated information on a variety of topics such as sanitary measures, food safety, emerging issues, emergencies, and the modernization of the public sector, among other areas.

System that allows the sharing of information relevant to agricultural technological innovation in the Americas. It includes advances in science; research results, policies and processes; technological options for production; and topics related to extension, knowledge management and strengthening of the capacities to innovate.


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The objective of, is to serve as a repository of relevant information in different technical areas. Learn how to share information in the site and collaborate.


How to share information?

In order to share information within the system, you must create a profile and register as a user in at least one of the sub-systems of interest.

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