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Success Stories on Information and Communication Technologies for Agriculture and Rural Development - Second Edition


 Agriculture has undergone many transformations over thousands of years. Humanity has moved from a society of hunter-gatherers to an agrarian community and then to one where agriculture is handled as an industry, yet still primarily supported at the source by smallholder family farms. While machines have, largely, replaced the manual plough, modern technology, or e-agriculture applications, hold out great promise as the next transformation in this sector.

Information and Communication Technologies can transform lives and improve
livelihoods – more so for people involved in agriculture and allied activities. ICTs can also increase access to financial services for rural communities, helping to secure savings, find affordable insurance and tools to better manage risk. ICTs also widen the reach of local communities, including women and youth, and provide newer business
opportunities thereby enhancing livelihoods.
The following pages document a collection of case studies, originally printed in 2015, and highlight some of the promising uses of ICT in the agricultural and rural domains. Going forward, FAO, together with our partners, will continue to identify and promote sustainable and scalable ICT solutions for the benefit of all.

Document author: Gerard Sylvester, Ed.
IISBN/ISSN: 978-92-5-109603-1
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