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Roadmap for the escalation of production and processing of Lupine in Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador


The roadmap, designed in a participatory manner by specialists from INIAF-Bolivia, PROINPA-Bolivia, INIA-Chile, INIAP-Ecuador and two consultants appointed by the STA of FONTAGRO, is based on the results of a collaborative project executed by PROINPA, INIA and INIAP and funded by FMAM through FONTAGRO.

The aforementioned project achieved very promising results in both the productive, environmental and social aspects and showed the potential of growing Lupinus spp. as an environmentally rational technology (TAR).

The proposed roadmap has three components, described in this document:

  • The first is the diagnosis of the limitations to be resolved in each country.
  • The second is the description of the goals to be achieved through the implementation of this road map, in a time horizon of 10 to 15 years.
  • The third component is the description of the proposed actions, related to the consolidation of the cultivation of Lupinus as a TAR.

These country-specific actions include the necessary research to close some knowledge gaps, extension, dissemination and technical assistance, training, documentation and knowledge management and political advocacy.

The document also describes the enabling conditions for the implementation of the road map, including financing, improvement of scientific capacity and technique of the participating institutions, the context of political norms that prioritize the cultivation and use of lupine and the capacity for inter-institutional collaboration in the region.

Document author: M. Mera (INIA Chile) – E. Villacrés (INIAP Ecuador) – P. Mamani (PROIMPA Bolivia) – J. Campero (INIAF Bolivia) – V. Mares – N. Mateo
Institution: FONTAGRO
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