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By: Chirinda, Ngonidzashe Arenas, Laura Katto, María Cristina Loaiza, Sandra Correa, Fernando Isthitani, Manabu Loboguerrero, Ana Maria Martinez Baron, Deissy Graterol, Eduardo Jaramillo, Santiago Torres, Carlos Felipe Arango, Miguel Guzman, Myriam Avila, Iva - Sustainability

The burgeoning demand for rice in Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) exceeds supply, resulting in a rice deficit. To overcome this challenge, rice production should be increased, albeit sustainably.

By: Mesbah Motamed, Ashley Hungerford, Stephanie Rosch, Erik O’Donoghue, Matthew MacLachlan, Gregory Astill, Jerry Cessna, and Joseph Cooper

This report describes the current landscape of Federal risk management policies, including the Agricultural Act of 2014, and analyzes the outcomes and interactions of these programs.

By: Dhanush Dinesh, Robert Zougmore, Joost Vervoort, Edmond Totin, Philip K. Thornton, Dawit Solomon, Paresh Shirsath, Valerien Pede, Isabel Lopez Noriega, Peter Läderach, Jana Körner, Dries Hegger, Evan Girvetz, Anette Friis, Peter Driessen, Bruce Campbell

Climate change impacts on agriculture have become evident, and threaten the achievement of global food security. On the other hand, the agricultural sector itself is a cause of climate change, and if actions are not taken, the sector might impede the achievement of global climate goals.

By: H. Charles J. Godfray, Paul Aveyard, Tara Garnett, Jim W. Hall, Timothy J. Key, Jamie Lorimer, Ray T. Pierrehumbert, Peter Scarborough, Marco Springmann, Susan A. Jebb

Both the global average per capita consumption of meat and the total amount of meat consumed are rising, driven by increasing average individual incomes and by population growth.


El IICA, con el apoyo financiero de USDA, está llevando a cabo un proceso de Exploración de una red de agricultura y cambio climático en CA, con el objetivo de identificar necesidades y oportunidades relacionados con la gestión de conocimiento en el tema y sirvan de insumos para construir sobre l


A three-day workshop was held at IICA’s Headquarters with the objective of bringing together public sector actors from Central America to continue the exploration of a potential Central American Climate Network.