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October3112:00 AM

Digital Extension Services Blog competition- open

Virtual International

Around the world, governmental agencies, NGOs, private sector companies, and start-ups are developing and deploying tools that either aid extension agents or take over the role of extension agents all together in areas where services are unavailable to farmers. Moreover, the quality of these extension services can be greatly enhanced by digitising data-collection and integrating information provides more precise and timely advice to farmers. Advisory services have the potential to enhance production potential, and, at scale, impact national and global food security. However, there is no database for common errors and solutions in technology development, piloting, adoption, scaling, business models, etc.  Because of the lack of a central database, mistakes are unnecessarily repeated and valuable information, worldwide, is being neglected. Holding back on this advancement does not only economically affect entrepreneurs, but it also impacts farmers and, most broadly, global food security.  

This blog competition is an opportunity for those working in the digital extension in agriculture field to share their experiences with their technologies, business models, key challenges, and major bottlenecks, as well as how they solved such challenges, when creating and implementing innovative solutions. What could others learn from your experience?

International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)
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