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October1401:00 PM

XI RedBiolac Meeting

On site Cuba

With 11 years since its creation, the RedBioLAC represents a big group of professionals working on various scales of biodigesters in the region, from various work points. It has been consolidated at the regional level, and has become a virtual exchange space as a very relevant classroom, as well as being a meeting point for many people and ideas

As a framework of the work that the Network promotes, a face-to-face meeting is held annually that rotates in different countries. This Meeting is a great encounter and exchange instance and a fantastic event to meet people who work in developing the biodigesters sector and its products, biogas and biol, from small to productive scale, calling from users, Even the developers.In 2019, we already celebrated the XI RedBioLAC Meeting, with the theme “Biodigesters: an agroecological option in the rural context” which will be held in Cuba between October 14 and 18, 2019. According to Mariela Pino, General Coordinator of the Network, “We had this strategic point of realization pending several years ago, and that Cuba can be a door to the Caribbean and Central America; and on the other hand very important, the island has a history of development of the world of biodigesters, which can help us learn a lot about mechanisms and methodologies to develop the promotion and implementation of biodigesters, which in the long term benefits users and suppliers . In addition, it is an excellent place to meet fixed dome biodigesters, and it is the only country that has the Biogas Users Movement in Latin America. ”

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