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IICA and IFAD launch support fund for family farming projects

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The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) are launching, at the Latin American level, the Concursable Fund of the INNOVA AF Project, within the framework of the agreement between both organizations.

A call for the presentation of projects to the competitive fund will be issued, with a maximum execution period of three years, for US $ 884 thousand in non-refundable resources. One project per country will be selected through a tender for a maximum amount of US $ 110,500 (R $ 440 thousand). The call for project selection will be published in the following days. The initiatives should present productive innovations for the benefit of family farming producers, with emphasis on combat and preparedness for climate change.

The fund will co-finance up to 60% of the total cost of the proposal, while the selected organization must pay at least 40% of the total, either with financial resources or with contributions in kind, such as inputs and technical personnel. In this call, territories of eight countries will benefit: Borborema, in Brazil; Los Cintis, in Bolivia; Ariari, Meta, in Colombia; South of Loja, in Ecuador; Commonwealth Copán Chortí, in Guatemala; Mancepaz and Mamlecip, in Honduras; Regio Cadelillera, Coahuila, in Mexico; and Polo Pedernales, in the Dominican Republic.

The company or organization selected by bidding must work on the topics of interest of the fund: integral management of territorial water and natural resources, systems or mechanisms of communication and climate information, models and mechanisms of compensation and financing or incentives to guarantee the sustainability of agricultural systems of family farming.

These lines of action are aimed at improving efficiency in the management of water resources in production systems, developing extension and transfer models with respect to the use of information and communication technologies, and producing diagnoses, forecasts and alerts for the population rural in general, among other activities.

“With the INNOVA-AF Project, we hope to ensure that good production and coexistence practices in the semi-arid region of Latin America are disseminated and replicated, in addition to ensuring synergies with existing projects under financing. Finally, combating the effects of climate change is a priority issue for IFAD and this project adds to the range of partnerships we have in this area. We greatly appreciate the partnership with IICA, a long-standing ally in the implementation of our projects in Brazil, ”says Leonardo Bichara Rocha, IFAD Program Officer for Brazil.

The objective of the program is to involve women, young people and members of native Afro-descendant peoples of communities dedicated to family agricultural production, who are in conditions of vulnerability due to climate change and who participate in networks or organizations in the aim territories to INNOVA AF Project. 

Source: Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA)
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