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Young People and Family Farming


The main objective of this study is to describe the current situation and contribute to setting out a common position on youth development in family farming. The conclusions reached will therefore be taken into account in the policy lobbying on behalf of young people in the IYFF+10 campaign. The study was carried out within the framework of the action lines of IYFF+10 which aims to promote and stimulate family farming. We therefore took as our starting point and overall guideline the debates that took place at World Rural Forum (WRF) meetings, the International Young Farmers’ Manifesto agreed at the International Young Farmers’ summit held in Bordeaux, France, on 4 September 2014, and Demand 6 in the Manifest of Brasilia agreed by the IYFF 2014 World Coordination Committee.

Document author: WCC (World Coordinating Committee of the IYFF+10 ) and World Rural Forum (WRF).
Institution: World Rural Forum
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