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Clima - Destacado 9 - subcategoria

Featured content Climate change adaptation planning in agriculture

This publication presents a synthesis of the processes of design, implementation and evaluation of planning instruments for the adaptation of agriculture to climate change in the countries of Central and South America.

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Dhanush Dinesh, Robert Zougmore, Joost Vervoort, Edmond Totin, Philip K. Thornton, Dawit Solomon, Paresh Shirsath, Valerien Pede, Isabel Lopez Noriega, Peter Läderach, Jana Körner, Dries Hegger, Evan Girvetz, Anette Friis, Peter Driessen, Bruce Campbell

Clima - Destacado 10 - subcategoria

Featured content Argentina advances in the preparation of its adaptation plan

The Ministry of Agribusiness of Argentina develops participatory process for the elaboration of the sectoral adaptation plan.

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