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By: Nitika Sandhu, Shalabh Dixit, B. P. M. Swamy, Anitha Raman, Santosh Kumar, S. P. Singh, R. B. Yadaw, O. N. Singh, J. N. Reddy, A. Anandan, Shailesh Yadav, Challa Venkataeshwarllu, Amelia Henry, Satish Verulkar, N. P. Mandal, T. Ram, Jyothi Badri, Prashant

Background: Climate extremes such as drought and flood have become major constraints to the sustainable rice crop productivity in rainfed environments.

By: Galeano, C;Nutti, M;Ramírez-Villegas, J;Vanegas, H;Pasculli, L;Peña, Y;Aguilar, D;Govaerts, B;Vega, D;Chávez, X;Narro, L;San Vicente, F;Palacios, N;Pérez, M;González, G;Ortega, P;Carvajal, A;Arcos, A;Bolaños, J;Romero, N;Bolaños, J;Vanegas, Y;Echeverría,

Maize for Colombia (MpCo) proposes a space for institutional and participatory debate around three core questions: (1) Where are we?– Identifying current challenges and trends affecting maize cultivation in Colombia; (2) Where are we heading?– Projecting the status quo scenario based on current t

By: Dhaliwal DS, Williams MM II

Globally, gains in sweet corn [Zea mays L.var. rugosa (or saccharata)] are a fraction of the yield advances made in field corn (Zea mays L.) in the last half-century.

By: Diego Armando Marín-Salazar , Robert Santiago Andrade-López , Ricardo Antonio Labarta-Chaverri , Ángela Rocío Vásquez-Urriago , Samuel Caicedo Guerrero

Introduction. The Colombian Altillanura is going through a process of transformation, marked by the expansion of its agricultural border.

By: Zhong Wei, Yian Gu1, Ville-Petri Friman, George A. Kowalchuk, Yangchun Xu, Qirong Shen, Alexandre Jousset

Plant-pathogen interactions are shaped by multiple environmental factors, making it difficult to predict disease dynamics even in relatively simple agricultural monocultures.

By: M. Mera (INIA Chile) – E. Villacrés (INIAP Ecuador) – P. Mamani (PROIMPA Bolivia) – J. Campero (INIAF Bolivia) – V. Mares – N. Mateo

The roadmap, designed in a participatory manner by specialists from INIAF-Bolivia, PROINPA-Bolivia, INIA-Chile, INIAP-Ecuador and two consultants appointed by the STA of FONTAGRO, is based on the results of a collaborative project executed by PROINPA, INIA and INIAP and funded by FMAM through FON