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Chile: Fruit productivity would increase with smart water management project

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Through the implementation of a web platform and an application for mobile devices, the Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) in Chile and the INIA Carillanca Regional Center, seeks to increase the competitiveness of fruit production with intelligent water management. The project will be carried out in the La Araucanía region and includes four species of importance for the area: European hazelnut, cherry, cranberry and raspberry.

The INIA researcher, and project manager, Dr. Rafael López-Olivari, explained to PortalFrutí that in order to achieve the objective it is necessary to “generate updated and validated information at local and regional level”; as a basis for the optimization of the intrapredial irrigation process.

Through tools such as satellite images, calibration and validation of the coefficients or crop factors,  will determine the frequencies; and irrigation times closer to reality. All this information will be packaged on a web page and an online mobile application. This will provide timely responses to potential users. “This tool will have a friendly display where the user can see consolidated and updated information according to the location in which it is located; which can be modified according to the needs, ”explained Dr. Rafael López-Olivari.