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Technology eases farming 'drudgery' and risk as climate threats grow

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As climate change makes farming far tougher and more young people reject it as a career, technological innovations to make the work more secure and appealing can help, agricultural specialists told the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship in Oxford this week.

Giving small-scale farmers access to the right-sized farm machinery, for instance, can help reduce backbreaking labour and keep more people on the land, Zehr said.

"Farming is hard work, drudgery," she said. "No young person wants to stay in farming if they have other options. They would rather go to the city and do something else."

But mobile phone apps that connect farmers with other rural entrepreneurs who invest in wheat-combines for hire, for instance, can give farmers access to easier harvests at a low cost - and provide an income for the harvester as well.